Monday, June 26, 2006

The best and worst limmerick ever written about me

I once met a girl named annie
Whose mojo was quite uncanny
I feel such sweet bliss
When she gives me a kiss
But mostly, I think of her fanny.

Ok, double standard time. If my best friend sent me this limmerick, I would think it was fantastically awesome. I would laugh aloud, and it would make me happy.

But instead, I received it from a "writer" dude I've been sort of dating. Now, artist dudes are generally more sensitive than other types of dudes. But, you know, after you've been dating someone for awhile, dirty text messages are still fun, but as a girl, you want to know that a dude likes you for more than a piece of ass. Yeah? Girls, are you with me?

Maybe I was supposed to be flattered by this. But, what would posess a guy to share this with the girl he wrote it about?


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